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Other Styles


Lager - Helles.

Sales price: 3,45 €


4 months bottle refermented with 100% Brussels ...

Sales price: 3,10 €


Collaboration lager from Struise Brouwers, Laugar, Guineu, ...

Sales price: 10,95 €

Hoppy Little Lager

This clean, delicate beer sits somewhere between a Pale Ale ...

Sales price: 5,00 €

Modern Times

Kellerbier / Zwickelbier.

Sales price: 3,45 €

Now And In The Future

Hopfenweisse is a niche style that has played a significant ...

Sales price: 7,65 €

Rotundone Noire

Gluten Free Beer with olives and chocolate added.

Sales price: 10,78 €

Smoke Screen

Smoked Beer.

Sales price: 6,85 €

Tufts Of Twine In Upper Moutere

When the last of the bines have been harvested, the cables ...

Sales price: 4,70 €

Other Styles

The beer styles variety is so big that it is impossible to regroup all the styles in just 5 to 10 boxes. Therefore, we created this category where you will find styles that do not fit anywhere else. Some of the styles you will find here include all the bottom fermenting beers (lagers) such as Pils and more. This category also regroups traditional styles such as the German Hefeweizen, the Doppelbock, or the Kölsch. Moreover, the category includes smoked beers, fruit beers, vegetable beers, gluten free beers, alcohol free beers and more.


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